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dweet player

Oct 17, 2017 Toronto Hack && Tell Slides

An audiovisual sequencer for tweet-sized JavaScript visual effects (dweets).

Unit Testing – The Whys, Whens and Hows

Oct 11, 2016 Toronto Node.js Slides

Doorbell Ringer – An Intentionally Complex IoT Project

Jun 7, 2016 Toronto Hack && Tell Slides

A very roundabout way of ringing a doorbell through a mixture of: electronics hacking, Onion Omega, Python, Node.js, Twitter streaming API, QR codes, TOTP, Travis CI. A story of learning through self-inflicted problems.

Backend-less UI Development

Mar 16, 2014 jQueryTO Slides

While the modern web development environment has many tools for easily setting up and running your backend (via package managers, dependency managers, migrations, etc.), there are still some advantages to having a simple mock backend that allows a single-page application to be run literally after a simple checkout. I will show a simple exploit to use any static web server as your mock backend. An HTTP transport adaptor for your favourite library (jQuery being one) can also be used for the best effect; simulating HTTP verbs, HTTP response codes, as well as latency.